You Can Bring Value To Your Brand With Great Writing!

Please tell me, to whom would your organization like to speak, and what would you like to accomplish with that conversation?

These are the first two questions I’ll ask when you hire me to write copy for your website or other business documents. Because there is so little time on any one media platform to capture and hold an audience’s attention, and get them to hear you out, these are the most important questions for you to be able to answer.

Tell me your pain.

There’s always something about your brand you’d like to convey but, try as you might, you just can’t seem to get that idea across. This will be important to articulate, so I can message your brand in just the right way. I’d like to help you become pain-free!

Are you ready to work with a copywriter? Please contact me and tell me why!

“Terri, You are a rock star and a fantastic partner. Thank you!!”
J. Lasko, VP of Marketing, Capital Bank N.A. Client since July 2014.