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If you enjoy problem-solving through creative thinking, and are not afraid to try new ideas—you're in the right place!

Let Imageous help you create your next "engaging" customer experience.


Our user experience (UX) design process is refined and successful, based on years of practice and happy clients. We take the time to understand the problem, create a plan that everyone can get behind, and then execute on it to deliver an experience that engages your audience. Your customer is always at the center of our process, so we make sure we balance their needs with your budget and goals.


Mobile design is 100x more challenging than web design! A smaller footprint, more competition, and super smart users makes designing for mobile a task that should be undertaken by experts—and we are! Our experience designing consumer and business apps for iOS, Android, and responsive design help us deliver the right experience for your users. 


Presentations are an important staple in today's business world. However, we all have lesser expectations that they will wow us or be engaging enough to keep us awake. Imageous has deep experience in not only creating presentations, but also in giving them. We understand what it takes to carefully deliver a message in a way that will stick with your audience.

"Great design is at the heart of every delightful customer experience"

At Imageous, we believe an engaging moment of truth is key to a successful customer experience . One that flips the light switch on and makes your audience want to hear, see, and learn more about your service or product.

Great design is at the heart of every delightful customer experience. Good CX doesn't just happen. Ideas, creativity, and testing bring the entire story together—resulting in strong interactions that connect.

Most importantly you should also focus on the gap between your service or product and how much value customers think it delivers—their perceived value.

All the great design and engaging experiences won't overcome an unsatisfied customer.

Let Imageous work with you to understand your design needs and deliver actionable experiences that engage your audience and help strengthen your brand and customer loyalty.

Founder and Creative Director since 2007. Vernon has a talent for UX/UI strategy and applies his award-winning design solutions to engage your customers. His experience in a wide variety of business sectors always brings a fresh perspective to the table.

Vernon Dunning—creative/ux director



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